Axe throwing

$15 half hour per person | $25 full hour per person

Number of Players: Bookings allow up to 6 people per cage, however each cage has two throwing lanes and each lane can have one person at a time.

Age Requirements: No players under the age of 12. Players 12-17 must be accompanied by an adult.

What weapons are available?: We have a wide variety of axes, throwing knives, ninja stars and throwing cards. No personal weapons are allowed.

Description: AxeHeadz, inside HeadzUP Vegas, offers guests the opportunity to summon  their inner lumberjack with a wide range of sharp, shiny and fun to  throw objects. Axes, throwing knives and ninja stars are just a few of  the weapons we have in our arsenal. Our trained HeadzUP Gurus are there  to teach you the art of the throw. Compete against friends, family and  mortal enemies in this thrilling take on darts.