Over the past 20 years, we've worked with hundreds of clients and entertained thousands of guests.  Our favorite events are listed below and we couldn't make it any easier for you.  Simply choose from our menu of amazing events and we'll execute them flawlessly.  All of these events are fantastic on their own however, customization may be available and does come at an added cost if requested.



Partnering with After School All Stars and Clark County Schools, this event includes a FUN icebreaker for your group, a warming speech from our Charity Partner Organization and, even the chance to meet the children who will receive these cuddly donations!


Partnering with the Children's Heart Foundation, this event allows your group to provide local children diagnosed with CHD the motivation and Super Hero strength they need to continue on in their fight.  This is a truly inspiring and emotional give back experience!


Calling all animal lovers! Partnering with Police, Fire Department, Military and All Service/ Support Animals, this furry and fun event completes K-9 Kare Kits for these incredible animals and the families that provide them Forever Homes!


Partnering with the USO and Veterans Village of Las Vegas, this event allows your group to show their gratitude to our service men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.  These wheelchairs offer our wounded veterans comfort, mobility, opportunity and hope!


One  of the greatest gifts that anyone in need can receive is the gift of  love and support in the form of much needed supplies. Care Package 4  Charity is an interactive  and rewarding event that provides hope to the Las Vegas  community through the construction of care packages. This FUN and good  feeling event can be customized to fit a variety of different local  charity organizations.

Game Shows


You will cry from laughter in this action packed, interactive game show!  See your colleagues in a hysterical new light as teams compete to earn the most number of points.  Props, stage games, physical challenges, trivia, music, comedy and FUN!  This event is a crowd pleaser and a best seller!


This is The Ultimate 70's Game Show and another best selling event!  We've surveyed 100 people at random and asked them a series of zany questions.  Teams guess as many correct answers as they can with hopes of advancing to the Final Round! *Custom Content Available*


In this mega exciting, game station rotation based event, teams will compete in a number of oddball challenges that test both mental and physical skill.  With only a Minute 2 Finish each game, the pressure is on, the action is quick and the stakes are high!



Split your group into teams of 5 or less and set them loose on the Las Vegas Strip!  They'll see the sights, ride the rides, take hilarious selfies, eat, drink and compete to earn the most number of points before it's time to return to base. This event is a client favorite and best seller!

*Upgrade to Extreme Challenge Activities & Attractions*


For Groups of 20 to 20,000 ... Our experienced team has mapped out and operated race courses all up and down the World Famous, Las Vegas Strip.  No matter the size of your group, let us lead them on the ultimate, urban fun run starting and ending from your host hotel or, at one of our many beautiful parks.

*Upgrade with Chip Timing, Custom Bibs, T-Shirts, Photos and More*


You've never had this much fun bowling. That's a guarantee! Bowlers focus on a different trick each and every frame. Hilarity ensues, crowds gather and we tally the final scores to award the best bowling team in all of Las Vegas!

*Upgrade with a PBA Tour Professional Demonstration & Instruction*


We've got the songs, you've got the killer pipes just waiting to be discovered by a major record producer. Can't wait to go Carrie Underwood all over everybody?  Neither can we.  You show up and sing your heart out.  We do the rest.
*Custom Content & Corporate Song Production Available*


Everyone in the room will be blown away as you learn who has the secret  talent of lip syncing at your next company event! Teams will rehearse  their songs and select costumes prior to the event before taking the  stage in Las Vegas to showcase their creativity,  attention to detail and overall performances. Judges selected by your  client will determine the winners for the evening and the team with the  highest score will win the entire competition and be awarded in an  over-the-top awards ceremony!


Welcome to the most over-the-top Cornhole Tournament your group has ever  experienced! We take your average cornhole tournament and crank it up a  notch with an energetic event emcee, professional event DJ and official  referees to get your patrons  amped and ready for action! This Cornhole Tournament can be played  competitively or at leisure, depending on what works best for your  event!



Teams compete in themed rounds of trivia to win possession of the best ingredients.  Then, we see who's flavors stand up to the challenge of creating the most excellent culinary concoctions. Its hands on and fast paced!


Teams compete in themed rounds of trivia to win possession of the best ingredients.  Then, we see who's flavors stand up to the challenge of creating the most excellent culinary concoctions. Its hands on and fast paced!


This is an exclusively high-end and upscale event. It's every team for themselves in this high stakes game of spy vs. spy. Whether you prefer shaken or stirred, just make sure your team has a big enough chip stack to make it to the Final Table.

*Choose Any Casino Table Game*