The Largest & Most Immersive Escape Rooms in Las Vegas

Duration: No time limit (average 1-2 hours) 

Number of People: You need a minimum of 2 people for every room except The Smokin’ Gun  where you will need a minimum of 3 people. You can have up to 10 people  in an escape room but it is suggested that if you have 10 or more people, split the group into multiple rooms and make a competition out  of it.

All rooms are private bookings. You will not be paired with any other groups.

Description: Live escape game rooms are not new.  As a matter of fact, an escape room  is modeled after online puzzle games which have been around for years.  In those virtual escape games, players control an avatar in a specific  setting, interacting with various objects to uncover clues. Then using  that information from those clues to solve puzzles. Real-life escape  games take this concept a step further and immerse participants in an  environment where they essentially become the avatars and must work  together to achieve an overall goal.


The Smokin' Gun

$50 per person  |  90 Minutes
The year is 1879, you and your family have traveled down south to the  quaint little town of Smokin Gun in Las Vegas, New Mexico. There are  rumors spreading around town that a band of thieves are thinking of  robbing the Smokin Gun Bank. Not much is known about the bunch, but  their leader Dave Burrough has been known to be the fastest gun slinger  down south. Our new sheriff in town is cautiously waiting for the day  that they ride into Las Vegas. While being welcomed by the sheriff, you  see a mysterious figure walk into the bank and you can tell that it is  up to no good. It is up to you and your team to find where the notorious  gangs hideout is using clues left behind around the town.


The Legacy

$35 per person  |  60 Minutes
Have you ever wondered where the adventures and journeys you experience  at HeadzUP come from? These are chapters in the life of one of the  world’s greatest explorers, your late Great Uncle. This man has fought  off pirates on the open sea, ventured through jungles and been part of  multiple inside jobs retrieving lost artifacts and stolen cars. He has  amassed fame and fortune that few ever know. He is now giving you the  chance of a lifetime. Solve the mysteries and magic that lie within this  experience, and his inheritance is yours. Can you prove you are worthy  to live “The Legacy”


Secrets of the Masters

$35 per person  |  60 Minutes 

Valuable pieces of art have been going missing from museums across the  globe, replaced by perfect replicas. There was no one with this type of  precision and excellence in the last 20 years, other than, “The Master”.  You’ve been brought together by an international art syndicate to  locate the Master’s lair, and retrieve the priceless art. Will this be  your masterpiece, or will you too vanish into obscurity…


The Great Car Heist

$35 per person  |  60 Minutes
News outlets have reported a spree of car heists across the country and  you are the most recent victims. You are convinced it is Greasy Pete,  the shady auto mechanic from your town, and the evidence to prove it  lies within his vintage auto shop. Your only chance at revenge is  breaking in, finding the proof, and reporting it before he returns from  lunch. Don’t expect this to be a joyride, as you’ll need to live life in  the fast lane to escape this 60 minute race alive..


Backstage VIP Experience

$30 per person  |   60 Minutes
The show just ended, but for you, the real party is just about to begin.  You’ve hid until the crowd cleared out, because you know you’re  destined to get backstage. Can you locate the all access passes, and get  backstage to meet your idol before security throws you out?


The Inside Job

$35 per person  |  60 Minutes
This ain’t no Gas Station hold up. You guys are in the big leagues now.  If you want to go down in history, this is how you are going to do it.  HeadzUP is the newest hottest casino on the Strip, anybody who anybody  drops all their cash there. And I just heard they’ve got the Annea De  Desire Jewelry on display, so you know they’re rakin’ in money. The  plan is in place and I’ve got some people on the inside dropping off the  tools, all I need is the right team of crooks to get it done. You guys  up for the job?