Trick art museum

$24.95 adults | $12.95 children

Duration: No time limit (average 1-2 hours) 

Description: The Largest 3d Art Collection in America is inside The Trick Art Museum,  and only in Las Vegas.  You’ll enjoy the experience as each 3D painting  creates an illusion that brings them to “life” allowing you to interact  by taking photos of yourself and friends to become part of the art! All of the Artwork is commissioned exclusively by the museum from the  highly celebrated and award-winning 3D artists working at the Trick Art  Studios. Your visit is guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind and memorable  experience perfect for families and visitor of any age.  Guests are  encouraged to interact with each 3D painting to add their own unique  creativity and to capture a photo keepsake. A  long-standing tradition of traveling to great destinations like Las  Vegas is sharing those experiences with others! The 3D Art in the  Trick Art Museum is simply fascinating and makes for memorable stories  and photos that can be shared with friends and family. With  Over 50,000 square feet, HeadzUP Vegas has something special for  everyone! Ticket holders may take as many pictures as they’d like and  freely interact with every painting and each illusion and our guides are  available to help you during your visit.